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See How Our Stone Cleaning in Hockessin, DE Rescued a Natural Stone Shower from Dirt and Stains

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November 16, 2023

We recently received a call from a Hockessin resident who had been struggling with her master shower. Dirt and stains had built up on the shower's surfaces, causing it to appear dirty. The more time passed, the more discolored and stained the surfaces became. Unfortunately, after desperately trying to clean the shower area, the homeowner found out that the stains weren't the result of dirt accumulation, but something much worse.

Picture of a Stone Shower Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Hockessin, DE
After searching online for advice, she learned the marble shower floor had iron stains. None of the surfaces in the shower contained iron, so she couldn't understand why that was the case. One of the websites she found explained that the reason rust forms on surfaces that don't contain iron is that the rust is present in the water instead. This also explained why the areas where the water hit the floor were the most affected. Knowing that she couldn't solve the problem using conventional cleaning methods, the homeowner searched online for professional stone cleaning in Hockessin, DE. She found Sir Grout of New Castle County in the top search results. After seeing the positive feedback from satisfied customers, she called to request a free in-home assessment.

A few days later, our experts arrived at the client's house to perform the assessment. On the way to the bathroom, the homeowner told our team about her increasing frustration over the surfaces on the master shower. As soon as our techs walked in and saw the shower, they understood why. Hard water had left several mineral deposits across the shower's surfaces, giving it an unhygienic appearance. Most of the rust particles were concentrated on the marble floor, but the lower half of the walls were also affected.

A Stone Shower Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Hockessin, DE
It was also clear that the grout lines hadn't received proper maintenance for a long time. Most of them were filled with grime and in some cases, cracked beyond repair. When our techs asked the homeowner when was the last time she had the shower's surfaces sealed, she replied that she couldn't remember.

Once they finished the inspection, our team concluded they would need to perform a thorough stone cleaning procedure to restore the shower's surfaces. They also offered to replace the grout on the floor with epoxy grout and to seal the remaining grout lines with ColorSeal. Feeling confident in Sir Grout of New Castle County's ability to restore the shower, the customer agreed to the service.

Our crew went back to the client's home a few days later to perform the service. They first applied a high-quality acidic cleaner to the stained areas to dissolve the mineral deposits. After letting it sit for a few minutes, they rinsed off the cleaner using Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner and a high-speed scrubber. Unlike most products, Sir Grout's proprietary pH-neutral cleaning solution contains all the necessary ingredients to clean and maintain natural stone and grout. It also helps reduce and inhibit the growth of common household bacteria, mold, and mildew.

When they finished cleaning, our crew dried the shower's surfaces to perform the necessary repairs. They first scraped out the damaged grout on the shower floor and replaced it with epoxy grout. This is an epoxy-based grout mix that doesn't contain pores, making it the ideal solution for areas that are constantly exposed to moisture. It's also resistant to soap, dirt, stains, mold, and mildew. Once they took care of the floor, they sealed the remaining grout lines with ColorSeal. This is an acrylic-based sealant that shares the same protective qualities as epoxy grout. It also comes in a variety of colors. The client chose gray to match the shower decoration.

When they finished, our team showed the customer the results. She was thrilled with the job they had done and thanked them for giving her such a clean-looking shower. She also said the service was worth every penny and that she would recommend Sir Grout of New Castle County to her friends and family.

Before leaving, our experts gave the homeowner some care and maintenance tips to keep her shower looking great. They first recommended cleaning the shower at least once a week with a pH-neutral cleaner like our proprietary cleaning solution. They also suggested wiping the excess moisture away after every shower. That will prevent mineral deposits from settling into the stone.

Are your natural stone surfaces in dire need of a stone cleaning service? If you're looking for professional stone cleaners in Hockessin or nearby areas, Sir Grout of New Castle County is the right fit for you. We have the necessary tools and expertise to exceed your expectations. To request our high-quality residential and commercial services, call us at (302) 450-1447 or click the "Schedule a FREE Quote" button on this website. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest news and promotions.
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