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Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Breathe Life Back into This Bathroom in Rockland

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April 10, 2024

A homeowner in Rockland was losing sleep over the sad state of her bathroom, specifically the grime that had latched onto her shower walls and the bathroom floor. It made the light gray tiles look as if they'd lost their color to constant neglect, even after weeks of efforts to improve the bathroom's look. In that time, the homeowner had exhausted various tricks that she'd learned through online searches and other people's recommendations. Nothing worked, but she had an inkling of what the problem was.

Bathroom Floor and Shower Before and After Services from our Rockland Tile and Grout Cleaners
Through all her efforts, the homeowner remembered that it'd been a year since she had her bathroom sealed, if not more. She wasn't sure if some of her cleaning methods could have added to the issue and knew that it was best to have a professional's assessment before trying anything else. So, the homeowner went online once again, this time searching for Rockland Tile and Grout Cleaners. That's how she found Sir Grout of New Castle County, and it only took her a quick look into our picture gallery to make up her mind.

Our specialists were at the client's house a few days after the homeowner requested an in-home evaluation via our website's form. There was no way to miss the dirt as soon as they stepped into her bathroom. The whole room had a light color scheme, so the stains on the grout stood out like a sore thumb. Upon a closer look, our techs also saw that the joints around the tub could use some repairs. The client told us that the grout needed sealing at the beginning of the inspection and later confirmed that she had used bleach and vinegar on different occasions to scrub off the dirt. We explained all the misconceptions around these solutions and the damage they cause to tiles and grout. Then, we walked the client through our restoration method, and she agreed to schedule a new appointment for the job.

On the scheduled date, our techs came back to work on the bathroom surfaces, starting with the shower and making their way around the bathroom floor. They cleaned all surfaces thoroughly using a pH-neutral cleaner that's completely surface-safe. Because there are no harsh chemicals in our product's formula, there's also no risk of deterioration or discoloration. The grime and soap scum started loosening after a few minutes, and our crew used a high-speed scrubber to remove all traces of dirt. Then, they steamed the shower to protect crevices and other harder-to-reach areas from mold and mildew.

Before sealing the grout, our specialists made repairs on the shower joints, removing the damaged caulk to apply our resistant epoxy grout. When it was time to seal, they applied a coat of our signature ColorSeal on all the grout lines, from the shower walls to the bathroom floor. Thanks to our sealant, all the grout stays protected against moisture, soap scum, mold, and mildew while also looking better and brand new. For the last step, we applied Tile Armor on all the bathroom surfaces and buffed the floor one last time to enhance its shine.

We were ready to call the client back into the bathroom. At a single glance, she noticed the beauty of her grout and how all the grout lines created a subtle contrast with the bathroom tiles. Her amazement only grew as she walked further into the room, remarking on the tiles' shine and the air of luxury that her bathroom exuded. She expressed her gratitude and promised to spread the word to everyone she knew.

Our specialists shared some additional pointers to help the client's cleaning schedule in the future. To replace vinegar, bleach, and soap-based cleaners, they recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Infused with high-quality ingredients to simplify hard surface maintenance, our product removes dirt and moisture. It's also free of the chemical ingredients that generic cleaners release into the air during each cleaning session. To help pH-neutral products maintain a hygienic environment, our crew also recommended keeping good air ventilation indoors and to avoid leaving pools of water on different parts of the floor. Last but not least, they suggested replacing steel wools and other abrasive tools with a towel or a terry cloth to avoid scratch marks on the tiles.

If you don't get the expected results after cleaning your bathroom surfaces, don't hesitate to contact Sir Grout of New Castle County. Our tile and grout specialists bring the best restoration services from years of experience servicing the Rockland community. Just call (302) 450-1447 or fill out the "Schedule a FREE Quote" form to schedule an in-home evaluation. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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