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This Gorgeous Shower in Wilmington Shows the Quality of Our Stone Cleaning Services

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May 31, 2024

A couple in Wilmington was fond of the shower in their master bathroom, so they were both understandably upset when their combined efforts failed to eliminate the stains on the tiles. They knew that stone surfaces could lose their color to certain cleaners, so they tried to be careful with their approach. Sadly, all the dedication only left them with more worries after discovering signs of damage on the shower seams.

Shower Stall Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Wilmington
The homeowners asked some of her neighbors about stone cleaning services in Wilmington but came up empty handed. Their luck changed as soon as they started looking for answers online, since it took them only a few minutes to discover Sir Grout of New Castle County, along with all the content they could ask for on the topic of stone restoration. A quick phone call to one of agents did the rest, and the couple secured an appointment with our specialists without any trouble.

On the scheduled date, our crew was at the couple's doorstep, ready to find a solution to their problem. Upon starting their inspection, they immediately noticed a large crack running across one of the horizontal seams, so that was their first clue that at least part of the shower needed regrouting. Our techs assessed all shower surfaces, looking into the large stains on the floor and the embedded dirt on the grout. There's no denying that the stains kept the stone surface from showing its natural beauty, and the cracked seams would compromise the shower's structure if they were left unattended for long. Our specialists explained that hard water might prompt the deterioration of stone surfaces, leaving the shower more vulnerable to soap and chemical-based cleaners. These products are known from gradually opening the grout pores to dirt and other external elements, often trapping the stains under a foamy film.

A professional restoration service was the surest way to solve the issue, so our techs offered to come back at a later date with the necessary equipment to clean the shower and repair the damaged grout. The couple listened attentively to our crew's explanation before scheduling a new appointment to have their shower restored.

Following the clients' request, our experts returned a few days later to work on the shower. They used a stone-safe cleaner to get the dirt loose on the surface and steam cleaned the entire shower area for good measure. This way, our techs could ensure that no traces of mold would remain on narrow areas like the seams or the grout lines on the floor.

Next, they installed water-resistant epoxy grout on all the joints after removing the old caulk. This epoxy solution is the ideal way to protect a shower's structural integrity while removing all the drawbacks of cement-based grout. Our techs sealed the grout lines on the walls and the floor with our acrylic-based ColorSeal, using a light beige color to match the tiles.

The stone surface had regained its rich color and all its details were on display for the first time in months. The homeowners loved the result and thanked our specialists for doing such an outstanding job. They couldn't wait to tell their friends about the shower's transformation.

Near the end of their visit, our experts shared some additional recommendations with the couple. First, they told the clients that pH-neutral cleaners are safer and more effective than most off-the-counter products, especially when it comes to shower maintenance. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner removes embedded dirt from tile and grout surfaces in record time, so homeowners don't need to scrub their surfaces too harshly just to make the stains disappear. Moreover, our product has no acidic imbalances in its formula so there's no need to worry about discoloration, grout damage, or the contamination caused by toxic fumes. As our specialists explained, weekly cleaning sessions are enough to preserve a shower's good looks. You just need the right cleaners and use non-abrasive tools when wiping out the stains. A towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee will catch all the dirt without scratching the tiles in the process.

Lastly, our techs recommended looking into the home's ventilation system to confirm that no part of the house was vulnerable to the effects of moisture buildup. If you want to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, it's important to keep constant circulation of fresh air inside your bathroom surfaces. A simple way to do this is by opening the bathroom door and the windows nearby a few hours a day.

Sir Grout of New Castle County is here to help you revamp your living spaces with their hard surface restoration services. We've tailored our methods to withstand external elements in both residential and commercial settings. Because of this, you can count on our techs to transform your shower while helping you preserve the hygiene of your bathroom surfaces. Just call (302) 450-1447 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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